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Central Committee Statement 7/2015 - February 18, 2015

This is useless for hurried readers!

This statement presupposes readers who follow the course of events in their country and in the world, who want to think for themselves on it and find the solution to change its direction towards the moral and intellectual progress of mankind. Who does not want to give solution to the problems, it ends up to no longer even understand them (Charles Fourier).

Let’s learn from Greece!
Let’s strengthen the fight to establish the People's Bloc Government!
Let’s strengthen the new Italian Communist Party! 

he constitution of Tsipras government in Greece is the first result of the struggle of Greek popular masses against the effects of the general crisis of capitalism. It will soon leave free range to the advancement of the socialist revolution thanks to the action of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) or it will turn into the reactionary mobilization of the masses. However, already today it is an event of great importance not only for the Greek popular masses, but also

1. as a factor that hastens the development of the contradictions within the International Community of the Europeans, Americans and the Zionists imperialist groups and the contradictions between the imperialist groups around the world,

2. for the teaching that has given and that it will give to Communists around the world for the development of the class struggle and the rebirth of the communist movement.


1. The action of Tsipras government in the contradictions within the International Community of Europeans, Americans and Zionists imperialist groups and in the contradictions between the imperialist groups around the world.


The constitution of Tsipras government weakens the European imperialist groups, mainly the French-German ones, who struggle against the US imperialists groups to snatch their supremacy in the system of trade and of the increase in value of world financial capital arisen from the crisis in the capitalist real economy, in the system of issues and trading of the securities of financial capital, in the issue and management of the world fiduciary money (euro against the dollar). European financial institutions must inspire confidence to the owners and administrators of the financial capital of the world, must make them confident that the euro is a safe currency and that with the euro and by the financial institutions of the European imperialist groups they will increase in value and preserve their capital.

The global financial system based on the dollar and headed by US imperialist groups dominated for decades the capitalist world, but the general crisis of capitalism is shaking its hegemony. It has made it insecure and unreliable and is causing disruptions and failures again and again. On the other hand US imperialist groups do not give up neither will give up their supremacy in the world imperialist system. It is at stake not only the increasing in value of their capital, but also their domination on the American popular masses, irreplaceable basis of their global power and of their very existence. To maintain their supremacy then US imperialists groups always field more and more weapons, subversion and terrorism: this is the area where they have greater advantage over European and other imperialist groups around the world.

 The European imperialists groups, mainly the French-German ones, want the financial rigor and austerity and sacrifices that financial rigor implies for the European popular masses (for German, French, Italian ones, etc. even before the Greek ones), just because they have to ensure to the owners and administrators of the financial capital of the world the security and the business that US imperialists groups are no longer ensuring due to the general crisis of capitalism. The austerity that the French-German imperialist groups, through the institutions of the European Union and the German government and its allies impose on the European masses seems folly to those who can not or do not want to take into account the struggle for supremacy in the financial field that the French-German imperialist groups lead in the world. The French-German imperialist groups impose sacrifices to the masses to conquer the European supremacy in the field of finance and of fiduciary money of the whole world.

The US imperialist groups impose sacrifices, wars, subversion and terrorism to the masses all around the world as a result of the upheaval of the finance system and fiduciary money of which they are at the head. The current account deficit of the federal US State inflated by large military spending and by the enormous and widespread internal and international control, repression and corruption apparatus with the related research and development activities, the federal public debt service and the service of the debts of the US Federated States, the debt of families and American companies, the US international trade deficit (current differences between expenditure and incomes) and the management of the dollar by the US Central Bank (the Federal Reserve) are the specific American engines of the global financial turmoil.

The imperialist groups and the authorities of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and other countries are working up to survive, to increase in value their capital and emerge in the storm of the ongoing struggle between the robbers and bandits masters of the world.

Greece is a small country: for the size of the financial amounts that are part of its institutions and its authorities, for the volume of its economic activities, for the size of its population (less than 12 million inhabitants). Anyway, it is a piece of the financial system of which the French-German imperialist groups are at the head. To cope even in some measure to the promises that Syriza did the Greek population, Tsipras government could not keep all the commitments with European financial institutions and with financial institutions of other countries that Samaras government and previous governments of the Greek bourgeoisie signed. To let Tsipras government back out of those commitments should put at stake the credibility of the financial and monetary system which the French-German imperialist groups are at the head in the eyes of the owners and administrators of the financial capital of the world. So it would negatively affect the chanches of the struggle that is going on against the American imperialists groups. This is the reason of the understanding of US authorities towards Tsipras government, as towards all the governments (Berlusconi yesterday, Renzi today) that for their particular interests disturb the manoeuvres that the French-German groups are carrying out, and of the encouragement that US authorities give to the struggle of European popular masses against the austerity if their struggle stay within the capitalist system.

The needs of Tsipras government disturb the imperialist French-Germans groups as the US intervention in Ukraine does and as are doing other US maneuvers to provoke a regime change in the Russian Federation and to disintegrate it, the turmoil and the wars that US and Israel authorities promote in the Middle East, Africa and as a consequence in Europe. The European Union will give the Greek government and the Greek banking system the money they need to meet their commitments to the financial institutions of the rest of the world, only if Tsipras government will accept to continue to squeeze the Greek popular masses and impose, in the particular conditions of Greece, the austerity measures (the elimination of conquests wrested during the first wave of the world proletarian revolution, the subordination to the needs of increasing capital in value and the reduction of real economic capitalist activity) that other EU governments have already imposed (Germany and other countries) or are imposing (Italy, France and other countries) in the  particular conditions of each country they govern.

Anyway, the time of the government Tsipras is numbered. It will be overthrown by the popular masses mobilized by the Greek Communist Party if it will succumb to the injunctions of the French-German imperialist groups. On the other hand it neither created nor is creating conditions of consciousness, mobilization and organization for making the Greek popular masses able to cope with pressure, blackmail and aggression by European imperialist groups. Then others will have to take the direction of the struggle of the Greek popular masses to deal with the effects of the general crisis of capitalism, or to suppress and divert it.

This is the frame of the business, of wars, of destructions, storms and forms of degradation to which the raiders of the world imperialist system subject the exploited classes and oppressed peoples all around the world. Only the Communists that take into account this framework understand the logic of ongoing events: it is a prerequisite for being able to successfully develop their revolutionary initiative. The others (along with eggheads, spokesmen and representatives of the bourgeois Left) stick themselves to lament and complaints about the madness and absurdity of ongoing events, adding to this the propaganda of communism that would arise because "sooner or later the socialist revolution will break out. "




2. The teaching that the ongoing struggle in Greece will give to the Communists around the world for the development of the class struggle and the rebirth of the communist movement.


The importance of the establishment of Tsipras government is mainly in the lesson that it gives and will give to the world.

We Communists must understand this lesson and make it known in a wide level, especially

- among that part of the masses of our country which is still influenced by the bourgeois Left,

- among the comrades of the groups and organizations who claim they want to resume and continue the line of the left of the old Italian Communist Party uncaring that during the first wave of proletarian revolution it has failed to direct the ICP in order to create socialism in our country: groups and organizations such as the Communist Party of Marco Rizzo (formerly Communists Popular Left - Communist Party), the Front of the Communist Youth and other similar organizations.

The more the lesson given by the Tsipras government will be known, the better will be for the progress of the socialist revolution in Italy and in the other imperialist countries where the International Community of Europeans, Zionists and US imperialist groups has its bases and oppresses and brutalizes with misery, drugs and servility the popular masses not yet mobilized by Communists for the second wave of proletarian revolution.


The government Tsipras and the Italian bourgeois Left

It is not by chanche that in Italy the government Tsipras and Syriza are very celebrated. Many people and groups would like to do something similar in our country. People who profess the line to straighten the course of things in favor of the popular masses while remaining within the capitalist mode of production (i. e., the bourgeois Left and his followers), who have the illusion that it is possible or that sordidly take advantage of other people's illusions to make their own interests, they would like to do Syriza also in Italy. They are surprised that Syriza managed to take many votes while in Italy the groups of the bourgeois Left are no longer able to do it. Some of them think that this happens because in Italy the bourgeois Left is fragmented and so they repeatedly launch projects of unification (which fail one after another: the luck of Syriza is due to the existence of an influential Communist Party, the KKE). Others think that this happens  because in Italy the bourgeois Left does not have a "charismatic leader" and are looking for it, testing Landini, Cofferati and some looking hopeful even at Bergoglio (Pope Francis).

The bourgeois Left still has a lot of influence on the Italian popular masses. After the sad experience of the “Ulivo” [an attempt to combine together centre-Leftist forces some years ago, Translator’s Note] it has no electoral support anymore, but it is still creating illusions and mistrust, it litters the field, it wrongly parades with the legacy of the old Communist Party, who led the first wave of proletarian revolution and that the modern revisionists, since Togliatti until today, have bribed, disintegrated and finally dissolved. Syriza in Greece today is the expression of the bourgeois Left. Tsipras government’s action in Greece will show what bourgeois Left by its nature could do in Italy if it still had the power that no longer has. Then it will openly show the nature of the bourgeois Left in all its impotence and ambivalence: its own attraction towards the bourgeois right and which use the communist movement can make of it, which advantage it can draw from it. The work of the government of the coalition Syriza-ANEL and the future of Syriza will be all the more instructive for the masses of our country the more we will make them know: anyway even our opponents and enemies will help us in doing it.


The greek Communist Party (KKE) and would-be imitators of the left of the old ICP

But it will be very important for the progress of the socialist revolution in Italy also to know and to make know the role that the KKE, the Greek Communist Party, will play in Greece. It will be important to see how far and how it will be able to lead the fight and to guide and direct the mobilization of the Greek popular masses in order to take advantage of the crisis that disrupts the Greek bourgeois political system until establishing socialism. KKE rightly argues that only with the establishment of socialism is possible to end the catastrophic effects of the general crisis of capitalism on the Greek popular masses. But to successfully lead the struggle to establish socialism in the conditions of the second general crisis of capitalism now under way, the Communists of the imperialist countries must include in a precise and scientific way why none of the communist parties of the imperialist countries have established socialism in their country during the first wave of proletarian revolution, in the early part of the last century, during the first general crisis of capitalism. They must understand and apply the lessons following from it.

The KKE has not followed the path of disintegration and dissolution of the communist parties born in the imperialist countries in the framework of the first Communist International. It did not follow the path promoted and practiced in Italy, France, Spain and other European countries by the modern revisionists (Eurocommunists and the like). In Greece, the followers of Eurocommunists have splintered from KKE and those of them who still participate in the political life today are for the most part in Syriza. KKE defended the glorious tradition of struggle behind their back: the struggle against and clerical bourgeois reaction soon after its founding in 1919, then the resistance against Italian and German fascism, finally repeated wars against American imperialism and his Greek abettors, the NATO colonels.

KKE retains a great influence in the Greek popular masses: in the protest movement, in the movement of unione demands and also on the electoral field. On this field on January 25 it has also recovered a part of the electoral support that it lost after the start of the acute and terminal phase of the general crisis of capitalism: from about 580.000 votes in 2007 it dropped to only 280.000 in the second election of 2012 (to the benefit of Syriza), but rebounded to almost 340.000 January 25, 2015.

On the other hand, the KKE did not overcome the limits in understanding conditions, forms and results of class struggle that made all the communist parties of the imperialist countries unable to establish socialism on the wave of the momentum that the October Revolution of 1917 and the establishment of the Soviet Union provided to the struggle of the exploited classes and oppressed peoples of the whole world (during the first wave of proletarian revolution). In summary, KKE has not taken Maoism as the third higher stage of communist world view, after Marxism and Leninism.  It did not take up the teachings Maoism has drawn from the experience of the first wave of the world proletarian revolution and that the new Italian Communist Party has laid out in its Manifesto Program (March 2008), [in http://www.nuovopci.it/eile/en/in080619.html, TN] in the booklet The four main topics to be discussed in the movement Communist International (March 2012) [see http://www.nuovopci.it/eile/en/f-issues.html, TN] and in The eighth discriminating factor [http://www.nuovopci.it/eile/en/discr8/firstprt.html, TN].

Will the KKE be able to lead the workers and the rest of the masses Greek to establish socialism? The crisis of the bourgeois political system leads the KKE to face this task more directly than any other European communist party today. If there is Syriza in Greece, it is also due to the KKE: its activity has forced the bourgeois left to embrace the claims of the masses instead of chasing the right wing (as it was the case in Italy). It is therefore called upon to give a lesson of decisive importance to Communists of Europe and of all imperialist countries. The Communists of every country should support it and learn in a positive way (for what KKE managed and for what it will manage to do) or in a negative (for what KKE will fail to do) from its activities, to make the socialist revolution in their own country.


The limits of Syriza and of its coalition government with the nationalist right of ANEL

Today we are not able to say whether the KKE will be up to the task and its goal, that is to establish socialism. In other words, we are not able to say whether the KKE will overcome the limits that prevented it from establishing socialism in Greece during the first wave of proletarian revolution, in the early part of the last century, despite the miracles of heroism of thousands and thousands of its members. Instead, we can say without fear of contradiction that Syriza, given its nature, will not keep their promises in the name of which it has called for the vote and for whom more than 2 million Greek workers (out of a total of nearly 6.2 million valid votes and of 9.9 million adults with voting rights) on January 25 have voted it: the promises to end unemployment, job insecurity and misery, degradation and elimination of public services, persecution of immigrants. Syriza has not even dared to talk about ending the enslavement of Greece to NATO and the International Community of Europeans, Americans and Zionists imperialist groups and to draw Greece out from the vortex of wars that the International Communisty feeds all over the world world,

Why are we able to say that Syriza will not keep its promises?

Because the Greek popular masses cope with problems that as forms are particular manifestations of the history, of the international position and of the political crisis of the bourgeoisie and of the Greek Orthodox Church which supports it, but as substance are those that the International Community of the European, American and Zionist imperialist groups imposes in all the imperialist countries to prolong his rule despite the general crisis of the system of social and international relations which the imperialist groups are at the head: from the USA to Germany, from Portugal to Britain, from France to Italy. These problems in synthesis are the elimination of the conquests of civilization and welfare wrested during the first wave of proletarian revolution, the misery of wage labor stripped of rights and wages reached (reported to the nineteenth-century forms prior to the first wave of proletarian revolution, in social and environmental conditions that make it worse than it was in the nineteenth century) and the intellectually and morally degrading enslavement to the military and criminal performances required by the measures the imperialist bourgeoisie and its clergy take in the imperialist countries and in the countries oppressed by the imperialist world system. The International Community brings war, destruction and subversion all around the world, using for this purpose the popular masses of the imperialist countries. War, rearmament, military research and production, activities diverging from the class struggle, control on the mass of the population, repression of immigrants and Communists are a growing part of the activities in which the bourgeoisie and the clergy compel the popular masses). The battles of the have-nots and the persecution of immigrants are the ground of the reactionary mobilization of the masses promoted by the imperialist bourgeoisie and its clergy. The inflow of immigrants from oppressed and neo colonial countries towards the imperialist  countries will continue and grow irresistibly because it is determined

1. by the exhaustion of the first wave of proletarian revolution, exhaustion that has broken the path of progress ongoing in most of the oppressed countries,

2. by the new development of colonization (recolonization) that destroys also the conditions of a primitive life (the natural, patriarchal economy) imposing mines, crops of goods for industrial use and for export, great works and concentrates wealth in hands of a handful of privileged civilian and military agents of imperialist groups,

3. by the development of the wars that the imperialist groups with their own or with mercenary troops promote in most of the oppressed countries to share out the benefits of the exploitation and perpetuate oppression, suppressing and diverting the resistance,

4. by the need in the imperialist countries of cheap labor that would compete with the local workforce and replaces it,

5. by the advantages that the imperialist bourgeoisie draws from battles of the have-nots that can develop in the imperialist countries.

The persecution of immigrants and the mobilization of the popular masses against immigrants are already in every imperialist country an important instrument of diversion from the class struggle promoted by the imperialist bourgeoisie and its clergy. They will be even more so the slower will be the development of the socialist revolution and they will be combined with the growth in the oppressed countries of the resistance to recolonization.

To change the course of things, to deal with the catastrophe in which the international community of the Europeans, Americans and the Zionists imperialist groups throws them, the popular masses Greek will organize themselves more closely around the Communist Party. It is a question of escaping the course of the general crisis of capitalism. It is not simply the question of disobeying this or that memorandum. It is not only the question of not paying installments and interest on debts. We have to place under the direction of a government of the organized popular masses the banks and other financial institutions to prevent the export of money and regulate the use of deposits, to finance real economic activity that inevitably is largely commercial and monetary and to create a public one, to finance domestic trade and to expand the distribution of non-monetary goods and services. Only with these and similar measures taken by their government and enforced by the widely popular masses organized, Greece could cope with pressure and blackmail of EU and of the rest of the international community of the Europeans, Americans and Zionists imperialist groups. So, ultimately, to deal with the effects of the general crisis of capitalism the popular masses must get means for it and break the chains of the International Communisty until establishing socialism.

Some of our readers, those most affected by the bourgeois left, will turn up their nose and will raise thir eyes to heaven, calling it to witness our dogmatism and schematism. Actually we are dogmatic as are those who say that to end up being exposed to weather it is necessary to build a solid home or who say that to deal with dehydration we need to drink, that to deal with the hunger we need to eat. Syriza does not want to break with capitalism and with the international community of the European, American and Zionist imperialist groups imposing it. Above all, whatever may are the statements of goodwill and good intentions of its members, it does not create the conditions for the mobilization and organization of the masses needed to do so. So the question is not to wait and see what it will do: it will do nothing else than complying with the requirements of the International Community, although it should not be named Troika anymore. To overcome the crisis of capitalism, the crisis of bourgeois political system is not enough. It is necessary that the popular masses will get the means to rebuild the country and make it live. Capitalism is in crisis, but it is not enough for living without capitalism: to get rid of capitalism, we must establish socialism.


The reasons for the electoral success of SYRIZA and the roots of his future

Syriza is the outlet of the crisis of Greek bourgeois political system. The KKE has outlined in the Statement that its  Central Committee issued after the elections of January 25, the path of this crisis and already in its 19th Congress [11 to 14 April 2013] had reported the prospect of a change in the formula of the bourgeois management of the crisis in Greece also pointing out that the change of government in Greece would be used by those Greek political bourgeois forces and by those bourgeois political forces in Europe and on an international level whose exponents and spokesmen assure that a more lax monetary and fiscal policy is the main way to get out of the productive stagnation (some of them are in good faith, that is to say because of the blindness that affects those who do not want to see, some do not know which way to turn, some has something to earn from a milder monetary and fiscal policy)

The result of the elections of January 25 as a whole reflects the course of the transformation of the Greek bourgeois political system started with the two elections of 2012, in the context of the deep crisis of the capitalist economy. It is a transformation that was necessary to maintain the political power of the capitalists.

As happened in other imperialist countries, the great wave of unemployment and poverty has weakened strongly in Greece the ability of traditional social democracy and of the bourgeois liberal party to manipulate workers and popular masses. In Greece, this course was particularly hastened and characterized by the activity of the KKE. Just the indomitable propaganda of the popular interests conducted by the KKE and the determination of its own struggles that it has animated, have forced some of the actors in the theater of Greek bourgeois politics, of which Syriza is the binder, to make the promises that Syriza did. These promises that make glimpse as possible and easy the remedies to the disastrous effects of the general crisis of capitalism have cut the ground from under the feet of the two parties that alternated in the government of Greece and their Broad Agreements made after the elections of 2012. The KKE does not recognize that it has made the fortune of Syriza, but this is a limitation of KKE: the reality is dialectic although its protagonists do not have a dialectical understanding of it, even if they make mistakes in their analysis of the dialectic. The KKE has played an important role in determining the crisis of the Greek political system, a role which does not seem to take into account, as if the crisis of the Grrek political system had been determined only by economic factors.

The result of the crisis of the Greek theater of bourgeois politics has been that it has no longer worked the rotation between the two major bourgeois parties (the Socialist PASOK and Liberal Democrat New Democracy [ND]) that formed one-party governments. Their combination after the second elections of 2012 dissolved the consent of PASOK (from 3 million votes in 2009 to less than 300.000 in 2015). The transformation of social democracy occurred rapidly: Syriza has taken the place of PASOK as ruling party, even if it has not reached the influence that PASOK had (in the "triumphal" elections of 25 January SYRIZA has got about 2 million 250.000 votes against the 3 million picked up by PASOK in 2009). The transformation of the bourgeois liberal current instead is still ongoing (ND has dropped from 3 million votes in 2004 to about 1 million 800 thousand votes in the second election of 2012 and a million and 700 thousand votes on January 25), though nationalist and fascist forces already left it to a considerable degree.

With its electoral victory of January 25 and the government coalition with the nationalist right of ANEL (just over 290.000 votes) the crisis of Syriza began. It must fulfil its promises and it does not have the strength to do it. Obviously we are not able to say how much this crisis will last and what the next step will be, but the path is what we have indicated. It will be therefore full of lessons for us and for all the Communists. The fight to establish socialism in our country is the best form of support that we can give to KKE and to the Greek popular masses.


Our struggle

The advent of Tsipras government in Greece, the war in Ukraine, the war and the upheavals in the Middle East and North Africa add to the anti-people measures of the Renzi government and the wreckage that the Papal Republic imposes to our country in every field, in witness of the justness of the precise action plan that the new Italian Communist Party pursues (To establish socialism, a specific action plan, based on just and firm principles, in La Voce  n. 46, March 2014, in Italian language).

To constitute the People's Bloc government, to create the conditions for its establishment, to multiply the creation of Workers Organizations in every capitalist company and Popular Organizations in every public company and in every area, to steer Workers and People Organizations to coordinate each other, to act as new public authorities, until constituting a their emergency government and make it swallow to the leaders of the Papal Republic making the country ungovernable by any government enacted by those leaders: this is the path on which popular masses must move.

The new Italian Communist Party appeals to the Party of the CARC (Committees to Support Resistance of the popular masses against the advancement of the crisis of capitalism - for Communism) for it makes the constitution of the People's Bloc Government and the creation of the conditions necessary for its constitution its central objectives and to put them in an specific program of action.

The new Italian Communist Party calls on all those who are aware of the urgent need to cope the catastrophic progress of the general crisis of capitalism, to join the ranks of P.CARC, in order to fight for the establishment of the GBP and to create the conditions of its constitution, to multiply the number of Worker and People’s Organizations and direct them to form their own emergency government.

Let’s make every struggle for claim a school of communism, the sprint for constituting Worker and People’s Organizations.

Let’s make the upcoming regional and municipal elections of May 2015 a moment of propaganda and mobilization for the constituting Worker and People’s Organizations.

Let’s support only the candidates who are committed to constitute Local Emergency Authorities and are showing already with their activity to do so.

Let’s push by all means leftists unionists, the democratic notables of the civil society and public administration, the spokesmen of the bourgeois left to form the National Health Committees that promote the establishment of Workers and People’s Organizations.

The new Communist Party appeals to all the vanguard workers, young people, housewives, immigrants and retirees for devoting themselves wholeheartedly to the socialist revolution and join the ranks of the (n)PCI constituting everywhere underground Party Committees. The first step is to get organized, to study the Manifesto Program of the Party and to get in touch clandestinely with the Party.

The rebirth and the victory of the communist movement are assured, because humanity has no other future of life and progress. The new Italian Communist Party is a still small party, but it has already done a great job to clarify the limits which led to exhaustion of the first wave of proletarian revolution, to develop the strategy and tactics and organizational principles the Communists must follow in order to be effective promoters of socialist revolution. The new Italian Communist Party calls all the advanced labourers, and primarily workers, for assimilating and developing the results of this work. The new PCI calls women of the popular masses, young people, immigrants, the unemployed for assimilating and developing the results of this work. The new PCI calls the retirees of the masses for giving their contribution to this work.

This is the way to provide for our future and to help the popular masses of all around the world.


For changing the catastrophic course of things, we must put an end to the world imperialist system!
The first imperialist country that will break the chains of the International Community of Europeans, Americans and Zionists imperialist groups will show the path and open the way also to the popular masses of other countries!
Italy is an imperialist country big enough and besides the seat of Papacy, one of the pillars of the world imperialist system: we can and must take on this task for our benefit and for that of all


Those who aspire to become Communists must constitute everywhere underground Party Committees: they are the promoters and the background of Workers and People’s Organization, their red bases!

The Party Committees have to make every struggle for claim and every protest a school of communism. Let’s create workers and people’s organizations that coordinate theselves to establish and impose the People's Bloc Government of and march towards the establishment of socialism.

This is the Revolutionary People's War that the new Communist Party promotes in Italy!

This is the enterprise to which all the vanguard, responsible and conscious elements of the popular masses must concur!

The Manifesto Program of the new Communist Party is the proclamation of the Revolutionary People's War and the program that will establish socialism in our country!

We do not ask that you agree with us, we ask a lot more: we ask you to get to work with us to make Italy a new socialist country!

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